Viewing stations

The diagnostic viewing stations that we offer, result from the coupling of high performance monitors certified for diagnostic use, with our software of viewing, archiving, distribution and transmission of images.
About those components see respectively: Hardware, and Transmission of digital images.

Besides their perfect quality of visualization, those stations provide the particular advantage of an interactive viewing, shared with similar stations being located at any place in the hospital or even at home.

Those diagnostic viewing stations can have several medical monitors, for instance 2 or 4, showing the images of the PACS, but can besides include an ordinary monitor showing the data of the RIS; for instance the text of the report.
A triptych configuration is usual for a synchronized viewing PACS-RIS.

Besides the monitors certified for diagnostic use and having the feature of DICOM-calibration, we can also propose monitors suiting to the viewing of the clinicians, and having a DICOM-preset.

The viewing in the particular environment of the operation rooms requires specific monitors that we can offer as single head or dual head.

The viewing station of a demo room combines beamers and monitors, which we can offer in several configurations.