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Enterprise philosophy

Area of operations

Pansys is active in the domain of the hospital-IT.


Pansys was founded in 1999 and participates so nearly from the beginning in the general process of conversion to digital radiology.

Business concentration and activities

The necessity and advantages of the digital radiology, and the activities of related implementation, have led Pansys to act as general enterprise, covering all steps in this specific domain, starting with the analysis, via the installation, until the 24/7-service. This is achieved together with selected partners, and partially as well by ourselves in the cases when we detect any deficiency on the market.


Pansys is independent of other enterprises, for what concerns its ownership structure and its contractual relations. Our partners have been selected after a careful screening of the available products and services. Good pricing conditions have been negotiated with each of those partners.


We believe that no single producer can cover optimally the entire product range. For that reason we are constantly observing the market and combining different products, individually optimal, in packages adapted to each specific need.

Integration / interfaces

In this context we specially take care for the optimal tuning and matching of the different components and interfaces. In the case of suboptimal conditions we motivate the concerned partners to coordinate and integrate their respective systems.


The collaborators of Pansys stem from different professional fields (physicians, economists, computer scientists, engineers) and are so collectively able to detect, from all the sides, the needs of a customer, and to provide the optimal solutions.


Pansys' spirit consists mainly of intellectual passion and creativeness. It has no inclination to the quick shots or amalgamations aiming only at the capital plus-values. The corporate games of acquisition, absorption or merger, presently so frequent on the market, but destabilizing the product ranges or the services, and stressing the hospital deciders, are out of the ambitions of Pansys.


In consequence, our customers benefit from a significantly higher stability of our offers and services. Our financial resources, being more than sufficient, contribute also to that long term stability.