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General enterprise

Pansys prepare, sells, installs and supports, global solutions of hospital IT, whose components have been selected on the basis of their quality/price rate, of their respective features, and of their ability to match with the other components, either planned, or already existing in the hospital.

By being the single channel of the project management, of the sale and of the installation, Pansys takes care that the different components would be installed with coherence, and without disturbing the workflow during the time of the installation.
Pansys guarantees that all the individual components of global solutions having to be installed, will interact harmoniously with each other.

The guarantee given by Pansys does not delete the guarantee given by each producer of individual component, but on the opposite duplicates that guarantee, and integrates it into the duty of making concretely the global solution working properly.

To use Pansys as unique channel preserves the hospital from the risks of any discussion between the producers of individual components. In case of any breakdown: Pansys has to take care globally, and to involve secondarily the concerned producer if necessary.