Digitizing/DICOMizing of radiological devices


By keeping the radiological devices unchanged (except for the developer, replaced by the appropriate electronics of the CR) it is yet possible to avoid future purchases of film and to produce digital images in DICOM providing the advantages of the digital medium and specially of that graphic format being the ability to be transmitted, postprocessed and stored:

1. as an example of secure transmission in the hospital, or between the hospital and a polyclinic or home, see our web page Transmission of digital images.

2. as examples of postprocessing, provided either by the CR itself or by our transmission system CHILI, see our web page Structuring tools.

3. as an example of storage, even for the long term, with a constant possibility of on-line access to the stored documents, see our web page: Hardware.
The concept of PACS providing that cheap but high-performance archiving, uses a technology being together simple, robust, stable, and works as a complement of the transmission system described on our web page
Transmission of digital images.

Our system of transmission, archivation and viewing Chili is compatible with the devices of the worldwide most famous producers of CR/phosphorus plates/Speicherfolien.

The global harmonious solutions that Pansys proposes for a full digitizing of the hospital imaging can integrate the CR devices and so be compatible with any specific radiological need.
To integrate the CR in our offer of digitizing, we need a description of:
the sizes of cassettes presently used
the types of radiological examinations and their respective frequency
the technical and topographical configuration (bandwith of the network, distances between the concerned devices) of the radiological department requiring such an evolution to CR.

Pansys, backed by its suppliers and partners, is experienced in the general and irreversible evolution to filmless hospitals.

The economic model that Pansys has developed suggests that the investment charges of the digitizing are smaller than the costs reductions procured by that digitizing (savings on films, chemical products, maintenance, archivation, transport, improvement of the workflow). On request we can set up an individual economic estimation based on precise objective parameters (see: Consulting in hospital IT).

With some financial partners Pansys has prepared some systems of leasing or of utilization contract, able to solve any hospital budget problem regarding the digitizing and to confirm that the effective monthly charges linked to some financial configurations we prepared, are usually smaller than the cost reductions listed above.