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Consulting in Hospital IT


The quick evolution of the requirements regarding digitizing, archiving, information systems, teletransmission, exposes the hospitals to the risks of partial solutions not matching and generating additional costs or troubles.

The philosophy of Pansys is the constant will of offering integrated solutions, whose each piece would be compatible with the others, would offer the best rate quality/price, and would be backed by a safe support service.

The medical, technical, and administrative staffs of the hospitals do not wish to waste their time and their resources by trying to compensate endlessly for the damage resulting from improvised solutions offered by suppliers acting too individually.

As explained in the present web page, all the pieces of software and of hardware required by the modernization of the hospitals, can be offered by Pansys, either directly or through partnerships, but with the constant aim of their eventual integration.

That broad expertise of Pansys puts our team in position to offer consulting services as such. A hospital wishing to check with us the requirements of its modernization in any matter concerning imaging, archiving, database, transmission, or hardware, can call our team for any advice.